Wave of Terror, Waves of Mercy

Tsunami survivors still need help – and hope

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (BP)–The tsunami that roared ashore last Dec. 26 invaded the lives of millions of south Asians – stealing loved ones, scarring hearts, destroying homes and communities.

Tampa retiree helps build base station in tsunami devastation

SOUTH ASIA (FBW)—Ernest Buchanan, a member of Idlewild Baptist Church, Tampa, traveled to South Asia with a group of 13 from Germantown, Tenn. The group arrived in the tsunami-affected area January 16 and returned to the U.S. 11 days later.

Olive medical team reflects on tsunami ministry

SOUTH ASIA (FBW)-After the tsunami laid waste coastal areas of nations surrounding the Indian Ocean, Pensacola medical personnel traveled to the area to treat survivors of the waves’ devastating onslaught. Sponsored by Olive Baptist Church, the group of four physicians and four nurses treated hundreds.

Florida doctors, nurses aid tsunami survivors in Indonesia
First Person

BANDA ACEH (FBW) – “My heart is deeply moved by your compassion for my people” said a community leader in the Aceh province of Indonesia to a group doctors and nurses serving as Florida Baptist volunteers to this tsunami-stricken region of Asia. The group of eight doctors and nurses, sponsored by Olive Baptist Church in Pensacola and organized with only three weeks of preparation time, traveled to this Muslim region on Jan. 15 for 12 days of fruitful ministry. The team was composed of Olive members and others from local churches.

Floridians give generously for tsunami relief

JACKSONVILLE (FBC/FBW)—Florida Baptists have opened their hands generously to the victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami disaster. According to International Mission Board officials, $290,089.69 has been received from Florida Baptists earmarked for the relief work in Southeast Asia.

IMB’s Asia tsunami relief gifts surpass $2.7 mil

RICHMOND, Va. (BP)–Children have clean clothes and families have shelter. The sick have medicine and the hungry have food. The thirsty have water — and the hopeless are hearing about Jesus. All because of your gifts.

Florida Baptists pitch in after tsunamis hit

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—Just months after mounting a comprehensive relief strategy in the aftermath of four deadly hurricanes, the Florida Baptist Convention will send $150,000 to the Southern Baptist International Mission Board (IMB) to help tsunami-devastated southern Asia where millions are homeless and desperate for help.

Tsunami: ‘A merciful call from God’ for repentence
Guest Editorial

From pulpits to news programs, from The New York Times to the Wall Street Journal, the message of the tsunami was missed. It is a double grief when lives are lost and lessons are not learned. Every deadly calamity is a merciful call from God for the living to repent. “Weep with those who weep,” the Bible says. Yes, but let us also weep for our own rebellion against the living God. Lesson one: weep for the dead. Lesson two: weep for yourselves.

God and the tsunami: Theology in the headlines
Point of View

The tragedy unfolding in the Indian Ocean demands the world’s attention—and calls for a clear Christian response. In the aftermath of the disaster, some religious leaders suggested that God was simply unable to prevent the tsunamis that destroyed so many lives. Some secularists jumped on the opportunity to argue that the tragedy was further proof that God does not exist. Others simply blamed the earthquake and tidal waves on fate or claimed that God had sent the destruction as punishment for the victims’ sins.

Baptists bury dead, give aid, hope to tsunami survivors

KRABI, Thailand (BP)—Just a small cement building, Krabi Baptist Church was still adorned with colorful lights and tinseled decorations from Christmas. A large banner proclaiming “Joy to the World” hung in the baptistry.

Videos about tsunami relief available on line

RICHMOND, Va. (BP)—"100% Relief: Reflections on the Tsunami" – a new, one-minute video about the Asian tsunami disaster and Southern Baptist response – will be available from the International Mission Board for downloading and use in Sunday worship services.

First Person
Don’t look away from South Asia’s suffering

For days, maybe even weeks, many Christians will focus on the staggering human suffering in southern Asia.

IMB tsunami gifts at $1.4 million and counting

RICHMOND, Va. (BP) – Checks. Thousands of them. Overflowing mail tubs and filling work bins. All for tsunami survivors.

Survivors, aid workers mourn dead, focus on needs of living

BANDA ACEH, Indonesia (BP)—Minutes after feeling the earthquake Dec. 26, Ibu Tetty was in her house in the small village of Desa Nusa, about 10 kilometers from the coast in Indonesia’s Aceh province.