Page presidency to ‘get some things on the table for discussion’

TAYLORS, S.C. (FBW) — Frank Page didn’t want to be president of the Southern Baptist Convention. And he never believed that he would win even after he felt compelled by God to be a candidate. But winning an election wasn’t really the point of his reluctant candidacy anyway.

Page talks about SBC theological issues in debate

TAYLORS, S.C. (FBW) — Twenty-six years ago, Frank Page completed a doctor of philosophy degree in Christian ethics at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, with the acceptance of his dissertation, “Toward a Biblical Ethic of Women in Ministry,” which strongly advocated unlimited roles for women in ministry, including serving as church pastors.

In CP debate, ‘balance is the key,’ Page says

TAYLORS, S.C. (FBW)—The Southern Baptist Convention presidential election this year generated considerable discussion about the relative importance of the Cooperative Program — Southern Baptists’ unified missions funding and delivery system — and probably resulted in the surprise victory of Frank Page.

All I am saying is — give Page a chance

Frank Page is my president.