Who’s to blame for the gambling expansion?

Try looking in the mirror—you might just see one of the persons most responsible for the fact that the Sunshine State is about to experience a gambling expansion of historical proportions.

Point of View

Is your youth ‘sexting’?

If you haven’t heard that students as young as middle school are participating in “sexting” or posting inappropriate pictures or comments on Facebook and MySpace, then you have been hibernating.

‘The Truth,’ the president and God’s glory

To commemorate the 100th day of the Obama presidency, artist Michael D’Antuono had planned to publicly unveil his painting “The Truth” at New York’s Union Square. However, the April 29 planned unveiling was canceled after the artist received thousands of angry emails protesting his sacrilegious masterpiece.

Dave Says
Threat or hot air? CO2, the EPA and us

Just recently, the Environmental Protection Agency ruled that carbon dioxide and five other greenhouse gases are “pollutants that threaten public health and welfare.” The “threat” comes from the effects of man-made global warming.