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Couple trades retirement dream for mountain villages of Peru

SAN JOSE DE QUERO, Peru (BP)—During quiet moments in his Greensboro, N.C., office, banker Larry Jackson would stare at the walls and say, “God, there has got to be more to life than this.”

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History suggests sacrifice for Lottie Moon offering needed now

RICHMOND, Va. (BP)—In my seventh year as a trustee of the International Mission Board, I continue to stand in awe of the incredible thing God has done by bringing together Southern Baptist churches.

Ranchers-turned-missionaries use agriculture in Ecuador to start churches

LA RINCONADA, Ecuador (BP)—Darrell Musick shifts his tan Chevy pickup into four-wheel drive to begin off-roading mountain trails through the Ecuadorian Andes. After pushing his truck to the limit, the missionary and three local believers hike their way to a small home on the edge of La Rinconada village—a small Quichua community rumored to want a Bible study.

Ecuadorian believers turn barn back into vibrant church for farming village

PANIQUINDRA, Ecuador (BP)—For years the building stood neglected. Then it was used as a barn filled with dirt, manure and a flock of chickens.

Brazil’s immigrants: Missionary’s children share Gospel with peers

RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (BP)—Using a strategy called Churches Multiplying Churches (Igrejas Multiplicando Igrejas) in Brazil, Phil Kesler takes other believers with him when he shares the Gospel. They learn from him and gradually take the lead. Meanwhile, Phil mentors other leaders, resulting in a continual multiplication of the number of people spreading the Gospel and training others to do the same.

Deaf of Uruguay call out to Jesus

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay (BP)—As the congregation begins to sing, the only sound is a faint murmur. Suddenly, the loud pounding of a bongo drum shatters the quiet.

Where is Lottie Moon on your Christmas gift list?

In the midst of an economic recession in which many Americans are downsizing their Christmas gift list, Southern Baptists need to remember our missionaries still need our support as they share the Gospel with a lost world. Indeed, giving to the annual Lottie Moon Christmas Offering in support of Southern Baptist international missions is even more urgent during difficult economic times.

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The importance of missions giving

As a member of Girls in Action, her view of the world soared far beyond the community where she lived. She dreamed of one day serving God in North Africa. Years later, as a physician, she delivered not only physical healing but also spiritual healing by teaching people about God’s love.

Teen interest leads to deaf church

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay (BP)—International Mission Board missionary Mary Swanner knows local leaders are key to a successful ministry in any country. That’s one reason she’s been praying for strong deaf leaders to step forward in Uruguay.

At the edge of darkness: Colombia’s indigenous tribes transformed by Gospel

BOGOTA, Colombia (BP)—Sweat dripped from Dut’s short, slender body as she hollowed out a grave in the floor of the Colombian rain forest.

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It’s time to ‘va e conte!’

Va e conte! This simple Portuguese phrase has taken me to places in the world I would never have dreamed possible. It means “go tell.”

Working together to reach isolated villages in Brazil

RECIFE, Brazil (BP)—The teacher leans over Edinaldo’s desk, glancing over the boy’s shoulder as he fills in the blanks on his worksheet. The air is thick and stagnant inside the cement schoolhouse, and Edinaldo is the only child left to complete his coursework before the summer break.

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So much for tolerance: The aftermath of Prop 8

The ad ran all over California on Election Day-and surely sets a record for anti-religious bigotry. Two clean-cut young men knock at the door of a lesbian couple. The men identify themselves as Mormon missionaries. “We’re here to take away your rights,” they announce.

Overcoming invisible boundaries

RECIFE, Brazil (BP)—Six months after arriving in the coastal city of Recife, Brazil, International Mission Board missionary Keith Jefferson felt led to work among the peoples of Brazil’s interior. He discovered there were 24 missionaries in Recife but none 450 miles away.

Lottie Moon Christmas Offering: Peru’s Amara know, but don’t believe
Miami native leads church plant in Peruvian Andes

HUANCANE, Peru (BP)—On a mountaintop overlooking the adobe homes of Huancane, Peru, Juan Mamani poured beer at the base of a six-foot cross bearing the image of Jesus’ crucified body.

The five who stayed

HUANCANE, Peru (BP)—Tears welled in Kelly Martinez’s eyes.

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