Local Church Edition News Service

Imagine producing a 24-page news journal bi-weekly with your church featured on the cover. Think of the impact that could have on the members and prospective members of your church. In addition to your local news and information, there are 20 other pages about the work of other Baptists throughout the state, nation and world-features about home and foreign missionaries and missions, workshops and conferences to train and inspire workers, and opinions of other Baptists like yourself, and much more. It is all possible for Florida Baptist churches through the Local Church Edition News Service. In fact, over 20 churches subscribe to the service.

We will place your church news around the Florida Baptist Witness and mail it directly to the home of each of your church member families. A color option is available. You can choose from a two-page or a four-page edition around the outside of the Witness.

Basic Price

The basic price for a two-page edition is $100 each time it is published (biweekly or monthly). A four-page edition costs $150 per issue. The Witness publishes 26 weekly issues per year on Thursdays. Costs for using the Witness are usually less expensive for a church than producing its own newsletter, especially when you consider clerical time for maintaining a mailing list, printing, postage, etc. For an extra charge of $25.00, per page, we will layout your newsletter for you.

Spot-color and process color are available at an additional expense.

Copy Preparation

Copy must be camera-ready (churches are preparing their own copy and artwork) and be received in the office of the Witness by 10:00 AM (Jacksonville Time) Tuesday before publication on Thursday. Most churches use electronic mail or FTP, although other options are available. The Witness is printed on Tuesday, mailed on Wednesday and, in most cases, delivered to homes on Thursday or Friday.

The size of your printed page is 10.25″ wide x 16.25″ tall. You may create your page(s) by using MS Publisher, Adobe Pagemaker, Adobe InDesign or QuarkExpress while the preferred file format for publication is a CMYK PDF.

Subscription Rates

Churches using our Local Church Edition News Service pay a reduced subscription rate of $8.50 per subscription per year.

For more information, contact John C. Hannigan, Marketing Manager, Florida Baptist Witness.