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Amazing Grace: A film Christians should see

It’s not very often that Hollywood positively portrays evangelical Christians, but such is the case in Amazing Grace, a major motion picture about William Wilberforce’s extraordinary leadership in the abolition of slavery. Celebrating the 200th anniversary of the slave trade’s demise in Great Britain, Amazing Grace will be released Feb. 23 in theaters nationwide.

Abolitionists sing Amazing Grace Feb 18
Film about Wilberforce called inspirational

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (BP)—William Wilberforce isn’t a household name in America, but an upcoming motion picture is trying to change that.

Mom cries for end of child slavery, teen abolitionist promotes cause

MIAMI (FBW)—A young girl named Rita looks up, dark eyes wary, mouth unsmiling. She has few clothes and despite being 12 years old, looks no more than five. Malnourished and overworked, Rita was rescued from selling water on the streets of Niger, hundreds of miles from her village in Benin, Africa, seven years after a relative sold her into slavery.