General Advertising Information


Florida Baptist Witness is the official newspaper for Southern Baptists in the Sunshine State. For over 125 years, the Witness has been publishing Good News about God’s work in Florida, the U.S. and across the world.

Advertising in the Witness is a great way to reach Southern Baptist Christians in Florida with the products and services you have to offer.

A target audience. Your ad will reach into more than 42,000 Baptist homes. We span the entire state of Florida and even reach Baptists in other states. Missionaries in foreign countries also receive the Witness. The reader profile of the Witness consists of pastors, church staff, church members, denominational leaders, and others. And, as an agency of the Florida Baptist State Convention, the Witness is widely recognized and respected in the Sunshine State as a trusted and valuable source of news and reflection that Florida Baptists need.

Frequent contact. The Witness is published on a bi-weekly basis—dated Thursday. Repetition is the best method to raise interest in your product and with 26 issues per year, the Witness is the ideal venue to reach Florida Baptists with your message.

Variety and creativity. Introduced in November of 2002, the Witness has a bright, contemporary look, featuring four-color front, back and center spread pages. Advertisers have the option (for a modest additional fee) to add four-color to their ads. Advertisers may also reserve – on a limited basis – premium space on the back page of the Witness.

If you’re looking to advertise your product to Christians, look to the Florida Baptist Witness. To place an ad or if you have any questions, contact John C. Hannigan at (800) 226-8584, ext. 3166. I will be happy to assist you however I can.


Please contact our office about advertising rates. You can request information by email at Advertising Information or telephone at 800-226-8584 x 3166.


Florida Baptist Witness frequency discounts provide advertisers with greater savings for more placements with a signed contract prior to publication, specifying insertion dates and ad size. Discounts will be posted to the advertiser’s account at the end of the contract period.

Ad Placement

The back page of the Witness is premium advertising space offered on a limited basis. For an additional 40 percent of the basic charges, placement of a full or half page advertisement on the back page is available. The Witness does not guarantee specific page placement for other ads.


Be sure to reserve your space ahead of time! Limited space is available. Both display and classified advertising must be received 16 days in advance of the publication date.

Publication Schedule

The Witness is published on a bi-weekly basis dated Thursday.

Ad Content

We reserve the right to decline any prospective advertisements. All decisions are final and made by the executive editor.

Additional Fees

Camera-ready advertisements are required. An additional fee of $45 per hour ($45 minimum) assessed on any advertisements that have to be created or adjusted by our graphic designer.

Kill Charge

All advertisers who commit to placing an advertisement, but fail to provide copy requiring the advertisement to be pulled will be charged a "Kill Charge" fee of 50% of the total cost of the advertisement.


Billing is assessed on the last business day of the month the placement is made. The Witness only accepts checks or money orders for payment. All first-time advertisers must pay in advance of publication of the advertisement. Tear sheets are provide to all advertisers.

Specifications & Requirements

Black & White – Ads are accepted in the camera-ready copy formats only. Any ad not provided in camera-ready copy that requires work by the Witenss staff will be charged a development fee. When submitting an ad by CD, floppy, Zip, etc., the advertiser is also required to send a hard copy of the ad. Please use 300 DPI, and halftones should be 85 linescreen.

Format — The preferred method of submitting ads is via e-mail. Please send the camera-ready copy in PDR, TIFF, EPS, or JPG formats to our Advertising Coordinator by the deadline. If files are too large for email, please contact our Advertising Coordinator for FTP instructions.

Color (CMYK) – Full color is offered at a rate of an additional 25 percent. Full color ads must be at least ¼ page in size. Please use 85 linescreen.

Borders – Borders must be included on all advertisements. Please leave at least 1/8 inch between the copy and the border of the ad, and make sure no artwork, screens, etc. bleed into the border. Any ads submitted without a border will be decreased in size so a border can be added. Bleed pages are not available.

Specifications – The Florida Baptist Witness is printed as a tabloid format with a five-column page. Widths of the columns are listed below. The print area of one page is 10.25 inches wide by 16.5 inches high and two pages 21.25 inches wide by 16.5 inches high.

  • One column – 1.917 inches
  • Two columns – 4 inches
  • Three columns – 6.083 inches
  • Four columns – 8.167 inches
  • Five columns – 10.25 inches


Contact Information

John C. Hannigan – Business Manager

Mailing Address

Florida Baptist Witness
Marketing Manager
PO Box 10289
Jacksonville, FL 32247

Street Address

Florida Baptist Witness
1230 Hendricks Avenue
Jacksonville, FL 32207

Phone Numbers

(904) 596-3166


(904) 346-0696