CP: Florida Baptists give over $5 million to missions in 2006

Published: February 7, 2008

Beginning on this page is a summary of 2006 and 2007 Cooperative Program and 2007 miscellaneous gifts received in the Florida Baptist Convention office from January through December 31.

Churches are encouraged to check the listing carefully and let the state convention’s Business Services Division know if corrections are needed.

Each church and mission is urged to use the convention remittance report forms when sending gifts to the convention office. Additional forms will be supplied upon request.

Questions related to the report may be addressed to Stephens Baumgardner, director of the Business Services Division, or John Sullivan, executive director-treasurer, Florida Baptist Convention, 1230 Hendricks Ave., Jacksonville, FL 32207-8696.

Comparative Statement

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  JAN.—DEC. '07 JAN.—DEC. '06 Change
Cooperative Program $39,611,758.07 $39,443,813.85 0.43%
Florida Only $160,464.13 $180,697.96