October 4, 2007 Publishing Good News since 1884 Volume 124 Number 235

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Pastors' topics range from finances to family


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SAN ANTONIO (BP)—For the second year in a row, the SBC Pastors' Conference will feature Monday morning breakout seminars-something that proved very successful last year.

But Pastors' Conference President Hayes Wicker doesn't want Southern Baptists to think the seminars are the highlight of the conference, which will be held June 10-11 in San Antonio. In fact, Jerry Vines and Chuck Colson will speak during the first session, held on Sunday evening, while the Monday afternoon and evening sessions will feature James MacDonald, James Merritt and Johnny Hunt, among others.

The conference's theme is "Jesus Christ ... From Him, Through Him, To Him," a reference to Romans 11:36.

"Our desire is to, first and foremost lift up Jesus Christ and focus on Him-and not just programming or paradigms or controversial issues," Wicker, senior pastor of First Baptist Church in Naples, told Baptist Press. "That one passage of Scripture says to me everything about the Christian life and Christ's victory and sufficiency that we need so much."


The conference, Wicker said, will focus on "how Jesus Christ lives His life through us, and how that relates to various areas such as discipleship, evangelism, missions and engaging the culture."

One conference highlight likely will be personal testimonies by current or former SBC entity heads, who will tell how Christ brought them through the valleys in their lives.

"They're going to be so open and honest that it's going to blow people away," Wicker said. "I don't think some people have heard these men speak personally and so transparently on matters like this. They're familiar with their preaching and their teaching, but not the personal challenges of brokenness that have brought blessedness."

Wicker said he received "very positive feedback" about last year's breakout seminars, which were implemented by then-SBC Pastors' Conference President Bryant Wright. There are two breakout sessions this year, at 8:30 a.m. and 9:45 a.m. Monday. Everyone will then come together for a prayer gathering led by author T.W. Hunt.

For the first time, each session also will include a roundtable discussion by various Baptist ministers on a host of topics. The 8:30 a.m. roundtable will focus on "affecting change, reaching the next generation, worship and discipleship" while the 9:45 roundtable will cover "expository preaching, evangelism, the alcohol question and cross-cultural missions.

The conference will feature contemporary, blended and traditional music.

"I tried to find speakers whose life and ministry exemplified the theme," Wicker said. "With the exception of Chuck, they are pastors in local churches and represent a variety of styles, ages and different ways of ministering. I want to emphasize a true expository handling of the Word of God as a model to all of our pastors. Outstanding communicators of different ages, who have never preached on a national level, will also give us fresh insights."

Wicker said he hopes the Pastors' Conference promotes a biblical topic he and the late Adrian Rogers discussed in 2005.

"Our pulpit was Dr. Adrian Rogers' last place to preach," Wicker said of First Baptist in Naples. "The very last night he was here-he died less than a month later-we were having dinner together and he shared with me his burden that we had gotten away from the wonderful truths of the Spirit-filled life. We agreed together that if God would allow me some leadership opportunities, that I would focus on the truths that God used to encourage Dr. Rogers and me years ago. I have a real burden that we, as Baptists, get back to the true power of the fullness of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

"... I'm praying that we will come together as a convention regardless of our different groups, styles, ages and ethnicity and really seek the Lord's face in revival together."

Pastors' Conference

June 10-12, 2007

San Antonio, Texas

Sunday Evening, June 10

Lord, We Love You and Embrace Your Mission

5:40 Worship through Music

6:00 Introduction, Recognitions, and Prayer

6:10 Worship through Music

6:20 Message - Roger Spradlin, "By Being Encouraged in Your Calling"

6:50 Worship through Music

6:55 Testimony - Paige Patterson, "Christ's Victory in Spite of Opposition"

7:10 Worship through Music

7:20 Message - Jerry Vines, "By Evangelizing Your World"

7:55 Worship through Giving

8:05 Preview of Upcoming Events

8:10 Worship through Music

8:25 Message - Charles Colson, "By Engaging Our Culture"

9:00 Prayer - Frank Page

Monday Morning, June 11

Lord, We Learn from You and are Equipped for Your Ministry

8:30 Breakout Sessions
Gary Chapman - Equipped for a Fulfilled Marriage
Tim Kimmel - Equipped for Effective Parenting
Howard Dayton - Equipped for Personal Finances
Pastors' Symposium - Robert Anderson, David Landrith, Jay Strack, and Ted Traylor
Fred Wolfe - Equipped for the Victorious Walk
Paul Dixon - Equipped for Relational Leadership

9:45 Breakout Sessions
Gary Chapman - Equipped for a Fulfilled Marriage
Tim Kimmel - Equipped for Effective Parenting
Howard Dayton - Equipped for Personal Finances
Pastors' Symposium- David Galvan, Michael Lewis, Jerry Sutton, and Ken Whitten
Tom Elliff - Equipped for Divine Intimacy
Roy Fish - Equipped for Fruitful Witnessing

11:00 Prayer Gathering- T.W. Hunt

Monday Afternoon, June 11

Lord, We Trust You and Enter Your Fullness

1:45 Worship through Music

2:00 Welcome

2:10 Worship through Music

2:15 Message -Dwayne Mercer, "By Seeking Your Infilling"

2:45 Worship through Music

2:55 Message -Michael Catt, "By Abiding in Your Indwelling"

3:25 Election of Officers

3:35 Worship through Music

3:40 Testimony - O.S. Hawkins, "Christ's Victory in Spite of Affliction"

3:55 Worship through Music

4:05 Message - James McDonald, "By Claiming Your Victory"

4:35 Prayer

Monday Evening, June 11

Lord, We Hunger for You and Exalt Your Name

6:15 Worship through Music

6:30 Welcome

6:35 Worship through Music

6:45 Message - J.D. Greear, "By Hearing Your Word About Love and Worship"

7:15 Testimony - R.Albert Mohler Jr., "Christ's Victory in Spite of Pain"

7:35 Worship through Giving

7:45 Message - James Merritt, "By Heeding Your Call to Holiness and Christlikeness"

8:15 Worship through Music

8:20 Testimony - Jimmy Draper, "Christ's Victory in Spite of Temptation"

8:35 Worship through Music

8:45 Message - Johnny Hunt, "By Humbling Ourselves in Surrender and Obedience"