October 4, 2007 Publishing Good News since 1884 Volume 124 Number 235

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AAEO: Fast Facts


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The reason we give to AAEO: To help our missionary force reach for Christ an estimated 248 million lost people in the United States and Canada; that's three of four people.

AAEO national goal for 2007: $57 million

Amount given to AAEO in 2006: Year-end figures totaled more than $57 million

Amount of AAEO used to support missionaries and their work: 100%

Number of NAMB missionaries: More than 5,300. Generally, a third of the number represents career missionaries, a third are short-term funded missionaries, and a third are Mission Service Corps missionaries.

Total 2007 NAMB budget: $124,000,000

Amount of NAMB budget that comes from Annie: 44%

Amount of NAMB budget from Cooperative Program: 36%

Year offering started by WMU: 1895

Amount given in 1895: $5,000 +

Year offering named for Annie Armstrong: 1934

What do AAEO-supported missionaries do?

• Start new churches

• Engage in student evangelism on college campuses

• Serve the physical and spiritual needs of people through inner-city Baptist centers

• Serve in local Baptist associations as associational missionary or other mission staff

• Provide training and ministry in apologetics (interfaith witness) evangelism

• Minister in resort settings such as campgrounds and ski areas