Boogie boarding ‘papi’ never looked back after ‘Freedom Flight’ to America
Leaving the Spanish-speaking church after four decades, Orlando Garcia enjoys ‘new outreach’

MIAMI (FBW)—Adding a couple of surfboards to the family’s growing stockpile of playthings, Orlando Garcia didn’t think twice when his shaggy-haired sons decided to burst onto the surfing scene in the 1980’s.

Young officer says sharing Christ more powerful than firing tank

GAINESVILLE (FBW)—Second Lieutenant Marc Levitt can fire an M4 rifle with ease. He’s come a long way since he first enrolled in the ROTC program at the University of Florida in 2004. Similarly, Levitt, 23, is more relaxed today about sharing the Gospel since taking part in the FAITH witness training program at Westside Baptist Church in Gainesville.

Thrice retired pastor served during Florida’s historic eras

PORT ST. JOHN (FBW)—Retired pastor Stephen Julian has been a part of Florida Baptist history since 1955, serving churches in the Miami Baptist and Florida Keys Baptist associations during some of the state’s most turbulent eras.

‘Fireproof’ producer & pastor, Michael Catt, shares parenting advice
Keys to influencing adult daughters

JACKSONVILLE (FBW)—Most pastors pray their children won’t do anything to embarrass them. Michael Catt said he his wife have long prayed that if their two daughters did anything “stupid,” they would be caught early.

Church organist ‘feels God’s pleasure’ in service

BONIFAY (FBW)—Ken Yates, a member of First Baptist Church in Bonifay, has spent a lifetime educating and inspiring residents of his hometown. His influence as an educator and musician reaches far beyond the Panhandle city where he continues to minister in his church and in his community.