Maguire Offering: a gift of grace from Florida Baptists
Point of View

If I tried to capture all of my emotions about all of the good the Maguire State Mission Offering does it would be like trying to put the ocean in a tea cup! It is simply one of the most exciting things we do in the Florida Baptist Convention. The offering enables us to accomplish things not provided for financially from other income. It is a gift of grace from you to the many recipients. Let me try to capture a few of my strongest emotions.

‘Favored Florida’ becomes offering namesake’s cry

When John Maguire first arrived as the sixth executive secretary-treasurer of the Florida Baptist Convention, he began referring to the state as “Favored Florida.” And under his leadership, Florida Baptists found favor with God by developing a Great Commission attitude.

Maguire State Mission Offering
2006 Daily Prayer Guide
Maguire State Mission Offering
Florida Baptists fuel flames of revival in Cuba

CUBA (FBC)—There is a fresh wind blowing in Cuba. One can see it in the eyes of the young Baptist pastors assuming leadership positions within the Western Cuba Baptist Convention. And it is evident in the excitement of an older generation of Baptists who sacrificed their freedom for the faith of those who would come later.

Orlando Brazilian church finds God’s presence

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—After migrating to Orlando from Brazil, Tatiana Oliveira, 27, accepted Christ at the Primera Igreja Batista Brasileira de Orlando and eventually drew her future husband Erik Erben, 28, to the church.

Receipts benefit Associations

JACKSONVILLE (FBC)—Each year the Maguire State Mission Offering includes an opportunity for local associations to receive a portion of the offering receipts to benefit local mission and ministries causes. By setting and achieving a goal for their churches, associational leaders will receive a percentage of the gifts from that association.

2006 State Missions Offering Campaign begins

JACKSONVILLE (FBC) – “Grace, grace, God’s grace; Grace that is greater than all our sin.”

Winter Haven church opens door to heal sick and needy

WINTER HAVEN(FBC)—Polk County residents Lisa Lowery and Jennifer Smith know what it’s like to have no place to turn while coping with a serious illness.