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Florida churches celebrate senior adults
More than a preacher, JAX pastor ministers ‘every Sunday’ to nursing home residents

JACKSONVILLE (FBW)—Nursing home personnel and residents filed down a ramp leading to the cafeteria. Two men, with the help of nursing home personnel, led residents to their tables. Some smiled as they sat on their walkers while others shrunk into their wheelchairs as 40 voices sang a cappella.

Carpenter says cross ministry critical

JACKSONVILLE (FBW)—To say that he carries his cross is an understatement. The fact is he dangles several small, wooden “mirror” crosses over his walker, distributing them—along with a hearty smile and the Good News—to all who are fortunate enough to cross paths with him.

Senior Adult Minister’s Conference in Brandon May 16
Great grandmother sure of salvation, sharing FAITH

DUNNELLON (FBW)—Virginia Tebby wants to be sure the residents of her hometown of Dunnellon know that Jesus loves them, and the 95-year-old has chosen to point others to Jesus through the F.A.I.T.H. evangelism strategy at First Baptist Church.

96-year-old baptized on Easter

DELRAY BEACH (FBW)—Dora Schwem, 96, was one of five baptized on Easter at First Baptist Church, Delray Beach. She made a profession of faith during a recent revival, after a personal visit by interim pastor Andrew M. Hall and evangelist Van Capps.

Award-winning Florida Baptist Retirement center at Vero Beach recovers after September hurricanes

VERO BEACH (FBW)—The Florida Baptist Retirement Center in Vero Beach is near the end of repairs and clean-up from hurricanes Frances and Jeanne in September. Administrator Tommy McDaniel told Florida Baptist Witness he “can now see the light at the end of the tunnel” on hurricane recovery, and, through it all, the center remains “financially sound.”

GED diploma fulfills 73-year-old vow

PAHOKEE (FBW)—Uceba Babson considered it a job left unfinished and a promise unfulfilled, so in 2002, after 73 years, she returned to school. Last May the 92-year-old walked across the stage of the Palm Beach Convention Center to at last receive her GED diploma, and be honored for never missing a day of class.

FBC, Pahokee, closes after 82 years

PAHOKEE (FBW)—A year of personal achievement for Uceba Babson has been marked also by bitter sorrow. Her beloved First Baptist Church in Pahokee, which had dwindled to about 20 attending members, voted recently to close its doors and to give its property to Big Lake Baptist Association.